Thursday, April 5, 2012

Third times a charm

My friend Devany has inspired me to blog again. I want to be able to express my thoughts and feelings, keep track of our crazy family life, and be able to look back on this and remember what we have done. I also want to keep friends and family up to date on Everest and Irelyn. Tomorrow is a big day! It is the zumba fundraiser in memory of sweet Violet Marie. She has made such an impact on so many people in her short life. I think about you every day Vi, and am so proud to have met you. Go over to Devany's blog, and check out the info for the fundraiser! We just returned from a family getaway to Virginia. We relaxed, hiked and just enjoyed each other! Irelyn is such an outdoorsy girl. She loves to dig in the dirt, and have the wind blow in her hair. Everest got in the baby pool all on his own, and didn't scream! He loves to "swim" now! Huge relief. I am looking into getting him a puddle jumper, does anyone have any experience with them?

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