Thursday, December 3, 2009

Been too long!

Hello Everyone!
I am terribly sorry it has been so long since I have posted! Everything has been going great for us!
Everest is growing and growing. We were at the pulmonogist on Monday and he weighed 14lbs! He is going to have a bronchoscopy done in about 6 months because hes such a noisy boy. He has laryngomalasia. But we are just making sure there are no other issues. Also, they told us, his hemangioma(big red birthmark) on his chest could also grow inside his chest wall and be on his lung. But other than that everything with his lungs is going very well!

He had his first synagis shot at the begining of November, and he wasnt very happy about it.

Everest is still having a tough time on his tummy. He just doesnt understand that he can use his arms to push himself up! He is struggling. His head control isnt great still either. He still "loses" it. We have been working with his OT, and now a PT to help. We are using an exercise ball, the arm of the couch, our chests, a rolled towel, and fun toys to help him out. HOPEFULLY we get better at this soon.

I am hoping to get decorating for Christmas soon! I am so excited. I know he won't remember it but its just such a blessing to have him with us.

We go back to the doctors on December 11th for our 6 month well visit, and his shots.

I am going to post some new pictures of him! He is such a happy smiley boy!