Thursday, January 7, 2010

Well there has been a LOT going on lately! Everest is now 7.5 months actual, and 5 months adjusted. He is doing wonderful! Rolling from belly to back, and from back to both sides(doesn't QUITE get over to his belly yet). Playing with toys like crazy! He now reaches for your face when you hold him. and he can "sit" for a few seconds when you put him in position! We had our first tooth pop through I found it yesterday! He put my finger in his mouth and it wasn't just gums! What a big big boy!
We had a very nice christmas, but it was A LOT of running around. With all of our familes it was go go go for 4 days. We enjoyed spending time with our familes though. Everest got a little stressed, because we didnt have normal naps during the holidays, but I think he is back to normal.
He has had a slightly stuffy nose, but I think that is due to the teething.
Jason and I are in the process of planning our ceremony/reception for our freinds and family. We originally got married at the district justice. It is a lot of work!
The NICU surivial kits are underway and going well! I have about 10 put together right now to take up. My good friends at Kindercare have put a donation box at the center, so hopefully we will get more help!
Here is a link to the news cast done on the survival kits.
Below are some pictures from Everest on Christmas morning at home. He was very excited to see his Giraffe "bike"! haha What a silly, happy, beautiful, miracle he is!