Monday, June 11, 2012

Busy Bees!

We have been quite the busy bees lately! A week and a half before Everest's 3rd birthday party, Daddy decided to build a new deck. Our old deck was the "builder deck" 10X10 and pretty ragidy. If you know my husband, you know that he doesn't do things small, or "half assed". So he tore out the old deck, all the shrubbery/trees from the back of the house and had a clean slate.

We had a great team of guys helping out to build it. Thank you Uncle Tim, Steve, Calvin, and Gager.

Everest and Irelyn both wanted to help. They were not aloud out there for the majority of the work because it was dangerous. After they were aloud out, they were working away!

The deck was (almost) complete for his Party(Jason wants to add a rail, we didn't think we were going to want one, but its a bit higher than we thought). Everest LOVED having everyone over for his day, and was running around enjoying everyone.

We had lunch with Mormor and he wanted to share his lemon.

Here is is awesome cake that Grandma got. It had Mickey AND nemo and was so cute- and delicious!

We made sidewalk paint which was a huge hit. We used a recipe that was 1 part corn starch, 1 part water. I did 1/2 cup of each which filled 1/2 of our ice cube tray. We used 2 drops of food coloring in each ice cube section. We probably could have gotten away with just 1 drop.

We drew with sidewalk chalk, and filled in with the paint. Irelyn was in heaven. She loves to paint. She even tried it out on her toes!

We decided it was time for Everest to have a hair cut. He hasn't had one (except for the shaved sections from his surgeries) in his 3 years here ;-) So Daddy got out the clippers and away we went! He did amazingly well we thought he was going to cry/squirm/fight. But he held the mirror, and bag, and sat still.

Holy Hair!

Everest got a chance to hold the clippers.

and here is the BIG boy, using 2 hands to hit a ball! Huge accomplishment E!

Like I said, we have been busy bees lately!

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