Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkins, Vacation, and back to work

I went to a local farm and picked up a pumpkin for Everest's First Halloween! I carved out the insides, and set Everest in it and took his picture :-D
We took a family vacation to Massachusetts on October 17th. Our first "getaway" as a family! We had a wonderful time! We saw the highest peak in Massachusetts, Mount Graylock, in turn giving Everest his first summit! We took a 10 mile hike and saw money brook falls. Everest did fantastic on the hike. The foliage wasnt as good as we had hoped. One of the locals we talked to said they had a storm about a week before we got there and wiped out the leaves.
It was the first time Jason and I both were in New England. We were about 5 minutes from the NY state boarder, and the one trail we hiked we actually were on the state line which was pretty cool.
I went back to work Monday, and it has been going very well! I am happy to be back work. I miss Everest but I am happy to be back to work. He has been home with Jason, and they are doing great.
He is sleeping through the night consistantly. Growing like a weed! We have our NICU follow up on 11/4. He is 5 months old already! I Cant believe it.

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