Monday, September 28, 2009

Just an update

Well I was just writing to update about our week/weekend. On Friday Everest SMILED at me! it was quick and short lived but it was a smile! I have been playing with him and he seems a lot more interested and tells me lots of stories which is nice :-)
We are getting into our bedtime routine. We eat a bottle, then rock and read a story in his room w/ the lights dimmed. And then I will wrap him up and put him in his crib. He is doing pretty well! We do that around 9, and he normally wakes up around 130 or 2. We eat a little and go back to bed! He wakes up again around 6 or 630, and eats and falls back to sleep for a while again. Then he seems to be up for the day! He takes a little power nap here or there but for the most part hes awake. So we are getting there!
We went out to lunch with my dad and Angelica, my grandma, uncle Matt aunt Andrea and cousin Hailey on sunday. it was nice! and then Everest and I hung out with Jasons mom while Jason and John went to shoot their bows.
We have a busy week!
Neurosurgery appointment is Tuesday, and we get the car inspected too haha and then Thursday we have his OT coming for the first time and Friday he has his 4 month check up! Saturday is Devyns 6th birthday!
No new pics yet! I will update those soon!

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