Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Perfect Park Weather

Daddy has plans to build us our own "park" in the back yard. Until then, we visit our local park, Rapho Township Park, frequently! It is AWESOME. Our PT told us about it when Everest was still learning to keep his balance. It has the "soft" rubber ground, rather than tan bark. It is easier for him to climb, and there is a toddler side,and older kid side. VERY HELPFUL. Saturday mornings my mom(Mormor) comes over and we take the kiddos to the park. This past weekend we played, and then took a walk to see the ducks in the pond. Everest walked the WHOLE way. HUGE accomplishment for him! Since hes got low muscle tone, and mild CP he gets very tired from walking especially if there are hills/uneven surfaces.
Irelyn LOVES the park too. That girl would stay outside all day every day if she could. She loves rocks and dirt. They play so well together now. It is so wonderful to see them interact.